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Master Thesis: Agricultural legislation in EU

Älmhult, Kronoberg County - Standort erkunden Business Development Intern


Company description

We are Purchasing Development in IKEA of Sweden AB! We purchase the materials and the production capacity needed to produce both home furnishing products and food. 

In the past year, an aligned approach for Responsible Sourcing of Agricultural Raw Materials has been created in IKEA. The assignment of this team is to set up strategic goals and roadmaps for responsible sourcing of Agricultural Raw Materials, establish clear requirements, while understanding and interpreting new and current legislation, securing data collection for traceability and risk management and also identify new supply chain setups that can enable IKEA to reach its sustainability goals. 

Job description

We are now looking for a student that wants to write their Master thesis at IKEA Of Sweden from January 2022.

The work proposed is going to examine the potential impact of emerging EU legislation specifically concerning IKEA’s supply chain of agricultural materials. You will work mainly with the Responsible Sourcing team in Agricultural Raw material block, Public Affairs & Sustainability teams.

The scope of work will include the assessment of the potential impact of the following emerging legislations on IKEA’s supply of agricultural raw materials, specifically focusing on their requirements on human rights:


The thesis will specifically evaluate what elements of the due diligence system have to be in place across IKEA sourcing and processing of agricultural raw materials and the sales of finished products containing such raw materials in order to meet the above legislations. It will also recommend the next steps in developing DDS to meet the upcoming requirements.

The thesis work is expected to answer the following questions:

•    What new EU legislation will mean for IKEA sourcing of agricultural raw materials and the sales of finished products containing such raw materials.
•    Mechanism through which this will be implemented, i.e.
o    Liability of different tiers across the supply chain, including IKEA, under the identified laws
o    How the EU and EU Member States institutions will be monitoring the compliance
•    Compare how these identified legislations put forward requirements on human rights connected to agricultural commodities vs. EU due diligence requirements on importers of other commodities like minerals or metals.
•    Based on the available information on the existing work and human right related requirements at IKEA, the thesis work will also analyze changes that will be required in the IKEA due diligence system (DDS) to meet the legislative requirements.


•    Educational background in European / international law
•    Experience of participating in research / business projects dealing with legislation and implementation practice is a bonus
•    Passion to human rights and sustainability at large is a must
•    Strong values and integrity
•    Ability to analyze legislative documents, interpretations and evaluate impacts
•    Strong communication skills

More Information

The duration of the Thesis work is 10 weeks or more and starts in January, the possible meeting could be carried out in Malmö or Älmhult.

If you have any questions about the assignment please contact IKEA supervisor Rafael Elizondo, rafael.elizondo@inter.ikea.com

We are looking forward to your application! Please submit both your CV and motivational letter in English by the latest October 17th. 
We are reviewing applications as they come through so don’t wait to apply!

Curious to know more and meet potential future colleagues??…join a live TEAMS session to listen and ask any questions you have on OCTOBER 13th, 13:00-14:00 (UTC+01:00).


Please note:
To take part of the Thesis work, you have to be enrolled in a Thesis course provided at university level/Thesis agreement within a university in Sweden