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Cloud 3D Technologies - Platform Engineering Lead

Helsingborg, Skåne County - Standort erkunden IT Vollzeit


Company description

Shared Technology Services

Job description

Working with 3D in IKEA is a co-creation, from product development to cutting edge 3D artistry, deep learning and research. Our goal is to make computer graphics scalable to reach the many. What makes us special, is that our business demands quality that needs to last a decade; a real challenge. In order for that to happen, we need to be at the centre of setting industry standards. We have a continuous flow of collaborationswith the best in the field, and need a bunch of really talented 3D passionate people to join us.

What you'll do...

You will provide versatile leadership for 3D cloud technology platforms engineering and multi-layered services together with teams that establish, evolve and drive the development, implementation and operations of common cloud technology services supporting micro-services architectures and 3D applications engineering.

You will apply industry standards enabling uniform 3D backend platform technical services consumable for near-to real-time graphics 3D digital assets across IKEA in developing, providing and selling the fantastic IKEA home furnishing offer.


What you'll need...

Solid cloud 3D technology and engineering experience, with a strong belief in IKEA leadership approach and a high ability to transform classic IT landscape infrastructures by leverage of digital-native 3D cloud technologies. 

Knowledge in 3D technology standards and platform guardrails enabling 3D technical services for 3D types of digital twins, pipelines, spatial data in full and parts structures, visual prototyping, data formats conversion and integrations, instant image renderings, in algorithmic use of visual intelligence and commercial augmented realities. 

Knowledge in providing infrastructure as a code automation and cloud-elastic capacity for extreme 3D workloads in cost effective ways, highly secure by design and continuously deployable such as with MS Azure CI/CD pipelines, Kubernetes, code inspection, A/B testing, APIs, service virtualization and software development cartridges.

Knowledge in technology services using glTF Graphics Language Transmission Format scripting with good insights using 3D engines to generate meshes, material textures, camera navigations, raylight tracing and animations. You bring expertise in enterprise standardization of 3D technology foundations and uniform infrastructure mechanisms still flexible to use with simplicity for different types of 3D software architectures in different business segments.

To be communicative, structured and enjoy the agile collaboration in value streams to achieve results together.

More Information

Inter IKEA Group has started the digital transformation. This is a journey which requires that a new technology foundation is established for Core Business Range, Supply and Franchise. Now we start the work to set up the technical services needed to support an IT landscape that will be developed and operated in a hybrid cloud model. The technical services we deliver will enable the IT landscape to transform and take leverage on cloud computing services. We will contribute to IKEA direction by making it possible for 'XaaS' to translate into services that are affordable, accessible and sustainable.

The technical services delivery will be part of IKEA Product Information Management programme (IPIM) in IKEA of Sweden. These services will enable us to create a better IKEA. We are looking for the people that take an individual responsibility to make sure that we deliver together as a team. Great colleagues, believing in a great IKEA vision with curiosity, drive and technical competence with a desire to make a difference, please join us. We take a leading approach; transforming complexity for the few into simplicity for the many. IKEA culture and values will guide us on the way, today and tomorrow.

We look forward to receiving your application – CV and letter of motivation – in English. Please note that we will be interviewing continuously, which means that we may close the application process earlier than stated if we find the right candidates.