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IKEA Family Leader

Hyderabad, State of Telangāna - Standort erkunden Marketing & Kommunikation Vollzeit


What you'll need to have

Experience of working in a customer-focused service industry
Experience of setting and implementing action plans, setting budgets and following up goals
Ability to prioritize and organize own work in order to make the most efficient use of time available
Understand profit and loss and how to affect its result through their actions
Experience of actively selling through understanding customers and their needs
Good Marketing knowledge
Ability to quickly develop knowledge of the local market and business conditions
Ability to engage a receiver by creating a passion for your plans
Experience of adapting to different styles of working to get the best out of all the team (situational leadership)
Problem-solving experience
Proven ability to understand cause and effect of decisions
Self-reliant and motivated with proven ability to work as part of a larger team

Good at
1. Analytical and numerical skills
2. Customer Focus
3. Time management skills

Your responsibilities

Responsible for attracting and recruiting new IKEA FAMILY members in the local market.
Responsible to learn about and understand their life at home in order to develop long-term relationships
with them.
Responsible to use members’ shopping behavior and feedback to ensure we are relevant to their needs
and choices so that we can better match their expectations now and in the future.
Responsible to develop activities to care for and reward the members in order to keep them over time through a large active IKEA FAMILY member community ensure long-term sales growth and profitability.
Responsible to spread the importance and knowledge of IKEA FAMILY internally so that we get as many colleagues as possible to be ambassadors for IKEA FAMILY.



Responsible to work closely with other functions to ensure we communicate the concept and benefits of IKEA FAMILY throughout the store and that all IKEA FAMILY offers are available throughout the store.
Responsible to understand the market, customers and their living situations and use this to actively recruit and activate members of IKEA FAMILY.
Responsible to build on the IKEA reputation for home furnishing competence with IKEA FAMILY members, by offering products, services and inspirational activities, and seminars, which encourage them to buy more.
Responsible to analyze store’s performance, customer feedback and information from the database.
Responsible to use this in cooperation with matrix partner to identify what offers and activities have successfully driven customer traffic to the store and increased IKEA FAMILY membership.
Responsible to recruit and activate IKEA FAMILY members using global, national and local offers combined with planned national recruitment campaigns to optimize local potential.
Responsible to ensure the best offers possible to the members by influencing the commercial team.
Responsible always to look at the store through the eyes of the customers finding ways to drive membership recruitment and membership activation, and inspire colleagues to do the same.
Responsible to care for and reward the members to ensure that they stay with us over time.
Responsible to ensure that our store is always a safe and secure environment for visitors and co-workers.

Responsible to optimize sales and IKEA FAMILY membership by:

Influencing and co-operating with the store commercial team, country IKEA FAMILY manager and other support functions to ensure that the same priorities are supported.
Knowing the range and working with the sales team to offer IKEA FAMILY offers which sales steer towards commercial priorities and volume commitments.
Ensuring product placement of the IKEA FAMILY range throughout the store in the most appropriate commercial locations.
Knowing the local market potential and working with other functions to plan and implement commercial activities and seminars, which will drive customer traffic to the store and
convert more customers to IKEA FAMILY members.
Ensuring that IKEA FAMILY shop is an inviting meeting place, in shape as new, with fully stocked sales spaces at all times.
Actively keeping up-to-date on IKEA FAMILY members’ buying patterns and taking fast action on commercial opportunities to meet the needs of different customer groups.
Ensuring everyone working in the store understands the impact the IKEA FAMILY membership has on long-term growth and profitability.
Actively ensuring the IKEA FAMILY online presence always provides updated offers and activities to drive traffic to the store
Implementing the IKEA FAMILY offers from national external partners and identifying local offers which will give additional benefits to our members.
Using the matrix to develop competence in capitalizing on membership to IKEA FAMILY and effective use of membership data.
To deliver an IKEA FAMILY action plan for the store based on local potentials by:
Clearly communicating the agreed plan and following up on it.
Working with the country IKEA FAMILY manager and other store IKEA FAMILY responsible to share ideas for improving IKEA FAMILY membership and through sales and profitability.

Responsible to secure that all co-workers know the IKEA FAMILY concept , ensuring they understand the importance membership has on the long-term profitability and can sell the benefits of to our customers.
Responsible to take an active role/influence in the commercial team in the store to ensure we optimize the commercial opportunities of IKEA FAMILY membership.
Responsible to create relationships with the colleagues, based on trust, and encourage open, constructive, honest, two-way feedback.
Responsible to inspire the colleagues to be passionate in their support of the IKEA FAMILY concept.
Responsible to work with the country IKEA FAMILY manager to identify a successor.

Responsible to take the country input and co-ordinate it with the store potential to reach agreement on goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Responsible to constantly monitor your performance against agreed goals, adapting and taking action when required.
Responsible to always consider the impact of your actions on IKEA FAMILY membership and the business to ensure future growth.
Responsible to deliver on the agreed goals and KPIs by:

o Analyzing KPIs and working to create meaningful actions to achieve agreed goals.
o Driving membership recruitment and activation through short-term and long-term action plans.
o Controlling costs through working in a lean, simple, cost-conscious way using good examples and solutions and by encouraging the colleagues to discover more effective ways of working.

Our team is the voice of IKEA. We use words, pictures and videos to tell the story about IKEA, to build our brand and inspire people with our offer. We bounce ideas back and forth, we challenge each other and we are crazy passionate about communication. Of course we’re also the ones who make sure to keep all our fellow co-workers informed, engaged and connected in a constantly changing business environment.

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