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Wuxi, Jiangsu Sheng - Standort erkunden Kundenservice & Kasse Vollzeit



• 以高效、专业和友好的方式来接待与问候顾客。
• 确保我所在的部门/工作区域既能为顾客提供高效的服务,又能为商场节约成本。
• 高效且真诚地处理顾客的投诉。


• 你对顾客充满热情。
• 个人价值观与宜家价值观相契和。
• 你喜欢在快节奏和不断求新的零售环境中工作。


At IKEA it’s all about our customers, and in Customer Relations we build and retain long-lasting relationships with new and existing customers in a multichannel retail environment. We’re a diverse team that work together to ensure a positive and joyful experience for all IKEA visitors and customers: we set up services, gather feedback and make things right! Our modus operandi is to connect to people by listening to their personal needs and to create genuine interactions. We’re a bunch of people who are truly passionate about people!